Khawla Al Muhannadi

Khawla Al Muhannadi is the President of the Environment Friends Society (EFS), an environmental NGO that she co-founded in 2000. EFS is the first mixed gender NGO in Bahrain to have been directed by a woman, which has subsequently helped to encourage a representative membership. Through EFS Khawla has directed and run a wide variety of campaigns, seminars and environmental leadership programmes to raise awareness among young people whilst also lobbying the government for environmentally friendly policies.

Khawla’s Action Plan aims to build upon her work at EFS by creating a network of activists from a variety of backgrounds yet who are unified by their commitment to promote environmental issues in Bahrain. She wants to promote the idea of sustainability and social responsibility among all sectors of society, working in unison with religious leaders and the media in order to promote long-term environmental change and cooperation.