Mohammed Altawash

Mohamed Altawash is an entrepreneur, currently working as the Managing Director of MRT Investment, an investment holding company that he founded in 2009. He started his career in the Ministry of Oil and Industry before working as a Regional Manager for an international construction company for six years. He then went on to found several real estate start-up companies that were listed in specific Arabian Gulf stock markets before setting up MRT Investment. As well as focusing on commercial properties, Mohamed has given considerable attention to social housing initiatives, working with local authorities across the Middle East and North Africa region to create affordable housing.

Mohamed’s Action Plan is aimed at the long-term economic development of Bahrain and linking economic prosperity to national reconciliation – as he calls it ‘the Creative Class approach’. He plans to nurture young entrepreneurs in business and the creative industries in order to diversity Bahrain’s economy away from gas and oil and towards a ‘knowledge economy’. He hopes that by doing this he can build up employment and national capital growth. Through this knowledge economy he then plans to nurture reconciliation and mediation between people of different backgrounds in Bahrain to work together.