Ali Kareem

““We are the servants of the law in order that we might be free”, is a cornerstone principle of Rule of Law rather than Rule by Law. In building a sustainable system of governance based on the Rule of Law, the role of Attorney General is essential - as the Executive’s impartial law officer and providing oversight of the Prosecutor’s office. Ali’s project is therefore central to extending the effectiveness of the Rule of Law in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq.” Brian Brivati, Academic Programme Director

Ali Kareem is Head of the Kurdistan Institute for Human Rights. This is one of the most powerful and active NGOs in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq which looks to reform human rights law in Kurdistan in accordance with international standards. Ali has recently achieved success through writing and campaigning for a number of law reforms relating to the rights of journalists that have now been passed by the Kurdistan Regional Government.

Ali also works as a consultant and trainer to the Kurdistan Regional Government as well as to local and international NGOs such as the American Development Foundation, UNOPS, the Ministry of Human Rights and the Kurdish Institute for Elections - delivering training on topics such as the rule of law and civil society.

Ali’s action plan is to promote the position of an Attorney General to the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. A position he believes to be essential in maintaining the rule of law.