Bakhtyar Salih

Bakhtyar Salih is a Project Coordinator for the Civil Development Organization, an NGO in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq that seeks to improve human rights. Since 2003 he has worked for a variety of NGOs where he has delivered training sessions to police officers about respecting human rights and preventing torture and successfully introduced a human rights curriculum into formal education in schools in the Kurdistan region.

Bakhtyar’s Action Plan aims to strengthen the rule of law by seeking to protect and enforce prisoners and detainees’ rights. Unlawful detention and imprisonment, ill-treatment and torture remain problematic in the region. Bakhtyar aims to stimulate discussion on torture and human rights between state and non-state actors to ensure that those working in the judicial system understand what constitutes as ‘ill treatment’ according to the law and that the law is consistently applied. He will do so by providing training courses, establishing an advocacy network and implementing an awareness campaign.