George Kara'a

George Kara’a is the Technical Director for the Democracy, Rights and Governance office for the US Agency for International Development (USAID) in Amman. His role involves providing leadership, guidance, and overall direction on the development and execution of multi-million activities related to the highly critical sectors of rule of law, governance, political reform, civil society and human rights in Jordan. He is an expert in analysing political movements and in developing responsive development programs.    

George has also worked as a Senior construction lawyer and  for Construction Management Associates in Jordan and as a Senior Legal Advisor for Rabah and Sharaiha law firm. George has a B.A Degree in Law from the University of Jordan and a Masters degree in International Business from the Institute of Diplomacy, Jordan.

Using his experience as a John Smith Fellow, George formed a coalition with other JST Fellows to support the creation of a national strategy for criminal and justice reform working with main stakeholders in Jordan.