Malak Al-Hasoun

Malak Al-Hasoun is Institutional Development Specialist at the Policy and Development Unit of the Jordanian Ministry of Justice. In her role she produces strategic organisational development plans for the Ministry as well as selected courts of justice. An expert in organisational strategic development in the justice sector, Malak was previously Acting Head of the Future Judges Unit which provides training and education opportunities for top Jordanian law students intending to embark on judicial careers.  Malak has also been involved in the King Abdullah II Award for Excellence in Government Performance and Transparency, which aims to encourage good governance and efficient administration models within the Jordanian public sector. 

As a John Smith Fellow Malak is now sharing the knowledge gained from the Fellowship by incorporating rule of law principles into the Jordanian Ministry of Justice’s strategic plan. To achieve this objective, she has already co-ordinated training for management-level staff covering a range of good governance principles which are integral to the rule of law concept. Using an existing network of Jordanian NGOs Malak would also like to extend the rule of law workshops to reach young people and women.