Taghreed Jaber

Taghreed is a Regional Director at the Penal Reform International, MENA office in Amman, Jordan.  As a regional director her work includes running PRI projects on penal reform in nine Arab countries; including Algeria, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Sudan, Jordan, Lebanon, Yemen and Bahrain. Through managing the MENA office, her tasks include liaising with decision makers, donors and relevant stakeholders, fundraising, lobbying, and regional and International advocating for reform. The current MENA office projects that she is working on are focused on juvenile justice, prison reform, women in prison, the fight against death penalty, and arbitrary arrest and pre-trial detention.  She has a BA Law at the Al-Ahliyya University, Amman and a LLM from the University of Essex.

Taghreed is promoting the implementation of the new United Nation Rules for the Treatment of Women Prisoners and non-custodial Measures for Women Offenders (the Bangkok Rules) in Jordan and Lebanon in an attempt to create a criminal justice system that is more responsive to the needs of female prisoners.  

Indeed, many existing prison facilities worldwide were designed primarily for male prisoners, and women are being systematically abused, mistreated, and discriminated against within the criminal justice system.