Christine El Cheikh

Christine El Cheikh is a Lebanese freelance journalist. She recently gained her Master’s degree in Journalism after having worked as a Senior Editor at Alsumaria News since 2009, where she led a team of more than 20 editors and correspondents. She has reported on the political, socio-economic and security situations in a variety of countries, with a particular focus on Lebanon, Iraq and Syria, conducting interviews with officials, politicians and analysts from Lebanon and abroad. Christine previously worked as a Reporter for a leading Lebanese TV channel, LBCI, and newspaper, Annahar, as well as holding the position of Supervisor for the English News Desk at NOW Lebanon.

As a John Smith Fellow Christine plans to implement a media campaign that promotes legal reform in Lebanon. In particular, she wants to promote the role of an independent judiciary – highlighting the value of impartiality and its role in ensuring fair and just trials. By working with NGOs and international partners she hopes to promote higher standards and tackle corruption within the legal sector.