Fadi Khalil

“The opportunity to serve was one John Smith’s most famous phrases and Fadi gave up a successful career in the private sector to serve his country. His area of cyber-crime fighting is one in which the UK is a world leader and he is coming to the UK to explore our expertise in this new frontier for the rule of law.” Brian Brivati, Academic Programme Director

Fadi Khalil holds the rank of Major Engineer within the Lebanese Internal Security Forces (ISF) where he is the Chief of the Technical Office of the Telecommunications Department. He is a specialist in telecom and Internet regulations as well as in cyber crime and security. He is also the official representative of the Ministry of Interior and the Directorate of the ISF for the Board of the Pan Arab Observatory for Cyber Security. Before joining the ISF in 2001 he worked as a Sales Engineer and Manager for ABB Sweden in Saudi Arabia.

As a John Smith Fellow Fadi is drafting a new and updated telecommunications law, which reflects the right to confidentiality and privacy for both consumers’ conversations and in the storage of personal information by service providers. The current law in Lebanon is out-dated and weakly enforced so Fadi hopes that by drafting new legislation it will allow for a more democratic and fair application, while allowing enforcement institutions such as the ISF to better police it.