Bader Al Abri

Bader Al-Abri is a prominent Omani blogger and a current journalism student at Al-Bayan College. Bader was one of the first bloggers in Oman, setting up his blog in 2009. On his blog he looks at a range of topics but specialises in taking on political issues with a humorous approach. In 2010 he founded, and is now the political editor of, what has been described as the most powerful e-magazine in Oman; Al-Falq. In addition to these online projects Bader has also founded initiatives such as the ‘Reading Club´ at SQU and the ‘Used-Book Charity Fair´ project. Bader has also attended numerous workshops and conferences on leadership and journalism within Oman.

Bader´s Action Plan is to write and publicise a book which looks at the history of the internet in Oman. Between 2007 and 2012 the digital world in Oman underwent dramatic changes. Bader feels that this period of Oman´s history is particularly important because of the impact the internet had on the lives of individuals, particularly in 2011. By understanding the role the internet has played in Oman´s history, Bader believes Omanis will better understand how it will shape their future, as well as provide a useful tool in contributing to new laws.